HOTEL IL CAVALIER D'ARPINO Via Vittoria Colonna, 21 Arpino (FR). Tel. (+39) 0776 850060 Email:


In the splendid setting of one of the most enchanting villages of the Ciociaria, Arpino awaits you to crown your dream of love.
The wonderful churches rich in art and history, the elegantly decorated municipal buildings and the suggestive scenery of the Acropolis of Civitavecchia are the ideal place to make your wedding unique.

The hills and trees will appear to you as drawn. The olive groves and crops will leave you with a sense of peace that you will hardly find in other parts of the world.

Arpino has the gift of transporting visitors to another dimension. The walls, the buildings, the air you breathe belongs to the past. Traditions that are handed down and that come to life every day through architecture and artifacts from a time from which the world as we know it today was born.

Treat yourself to the most beautiful day of your life in an enchanted corner of Ciociaria, you will be amazed.

Specialized staff will accompany you on this wonderful journey through time in a small town where 3,000 years of history have left their testimony and in a land, the Ciociaria rich in history and traditions.

Our wedding planning service is also aimed in particular at all the spouses who live abroad and would like to get married in the romantic Italy, our organization, in fact, guarantees even at a distance the realization of an event ready only to be lived.

Our philosophy is to offer a dream wedding without ever forgetting to personalize each event and make it unique according to the needs of the spouses.


Our task is to realize your desires and your expectations by enriching style and magic with such an important moment and paying attention to every little detail.Your wedding will have that personal and original touch to offer an organized and coordinated image to make it unique.

Let yourself be guided in this enchanting journey through art, history, nature and fun … a unique and magical combination to not forget a wonderful moment.

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