HOTEL IL CAVALIER D'ARPINO Via Vittoria Colonna, 21 Arpino (FR). Tel. (+39) 0776 849348 Email:



The historical town of Arpino is a sequence of colors, scents and tastes of its natural products, the excellence of the land of Cicero

In selecting this option you will visit a well-known shop in the historic center of Arpino, a few steps from the hotel, and taste wines from our area with the technical explanation of the sommelier Loreto Capuano, who will guide you through the notes of our wines and recommend cheeses and cured meats to match your choice

To book this experience, please click on “Book now” and select the related option of the booking form, or alternatively fill the contact form below, write an email at or call the al +39 0776850060

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