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Our hotel is well organized to welcome groups willing to discover the treasures of Ciociaria in a trip leading through abbeys and popes’ residences, pre-romanic walls and fortifications, and surrounded by an enchanting landscape.

A holiday in Ciociaria is ideal to whome wish to discover ancient traditions, finding out places of ancient memories from the 8th B.C., Benedictine and Cistercian monastries, oasis of spirituality and culture spread then all over Europe.
Nature offers lovely excursions due to the nearby National Park, while the local food and wine will cheer yourself after a day spent visiting our treasures.

Trascorrere una vacanza in Ciociaria rappresenta una meta ideale per chi vuole riscoprire le antiche tradizioni, facendo la conoscenza di luoghi di memoria arcaica come le città pelasgiche (VIII a.C.), i monasteri benedettini e cistercensi, oasi di spiritualità e cultura irradiata in tutta Europa, le città comunali. La Natura offre piacevoli escursionipaesaggistiche, gustando piatti e prodotti tipici e tradizionali.

For your own tour, we can arrange extra services such as

  • GT bus for the tour in ciociaria
  • GT bus shuttle for airport/ railway station trasfer
  • Tipical local lunch/dinner
  • Taste of olive oil from Arpino, cabernet wine from Atina, liquors from Ernici Mountains, buffalo mozzarella from Amaseno.
  • Museums entrance
  • Evening entertainment at the hotel with local folk band. Enquiry via our forum below in order to know availability, prices offer by our hotel and book your tour in Ciociaria.</code></pre></li>


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