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Boroughs and Castles


We don’t have any architectural or historical evidence from the Roman period in Civita Vecchia, but an old belief strives to connect it to Cicero.
Perhaps the tradition handed down to us by Plutarch and Silius Italico, that Cicero descended from King Volsci Tullio Attio, lent the belief that right there, in the original settlement, was the origin of the Tulli.
“Civitas Cicero” was indicated on the map of Arpino in 1581: “Tower of Cicero” is the name of the medieval tower, but the overarching inclination is to simply believe that Civitavecchia was the ancestral home of Cicero, later inherited by his brother Quintus.
In fact, there are no traces of the house of Cicero, only new buildings, a wall named Cicero, in the oral tradition, and a paved path called “Via Cicera.”

atinaFounded by Saturn, according to legend, Atina was a powerful city of the Volsci people and was part of the Samnite League against Rome.
Lucio Munazio Planco, Consul of Rome and founder of Lyon and Basle, was born in Atina.
Atina has preserved the remains of the polygonal walls dated between 5th and 4th century BC.
Most interesting is the Ducal Palace built in the 13th century by the Cantelmi people.

alvitoSet under an imposing rock face, the medieval village rises about the Ducal Palace, built in the 1500s.
An interesting part of the village to visit is the ghost town “Villaggio Cortignale”, a group of buildings completely uninhabited for over 400 years.

giotto Borgo medioevale circondato da una cinta muraria di 18 torri al cui interno vi è la Chiesa di San Pietro Ispano con la cappella Simoncelli che ospita il mosaico “L’Angelo” di Giotto, le statue di San Pietro e San Paolo e vari palazzi rinascimentali.

fumoneAn ancient fortress that during the Middle Ages was used as a state prison for the enemies of the Church.
Pope Celestino V ,the Pope referred to in Dante’s Divine Comedy in terms of his “great refusal” , was imprisoned in this Castle.

msgc2 The summit of its historical centre is crowned by the ducal Castle of the Counts of Aquini, where St.Thomas was imprisoned.

The 1st century castle, situated on top of a hill overlooking the historical centre, wa

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